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Get started digitally.

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Present and inform

The winemaker app is a multilingual digital presentation with detailed descriptions in words and pictures of the company and each individual wine. The descriptions are managed by the winePad team. The winery has no effort with it.

Digital: The app can be put online like an independent website or integrated into an existing page. It doesn't need to be installed or downloaded from any app store, but can easily be distributed as a link via email or social media. A news tool can be used to communicate with customers and prospects.

Analog: Printing units can be generated “at the push of a button”. E.g. individual data sheets or a complete product folder.

Perfect data preparation

All product descriptions are prepared and maintained by the winePad team for optimal presentation. The winery has no work to do with it. Each producer can also use their account to join the administration.


Manage and archive data

The winePad database is perfect as a wine library. The individual vintages can be managed in various ways, edited (new sensory description, ratings, ...) and called up at any time with just a few clicks.
This data is also available for third-party applications. Using the export tool, they can be converted into a csv or Excel file and thus transferred to other systems (magazines, marketing communities, web shops, ...).


Promote wine sales

Each product can be linked to any URL. For example, a direct transition to an online shop can be established via a order button.
All current wines from the winemaker apps are also included in an overall catalog (VinoLog). We massly advertise the Vino-Log. Unlike a classic web shop that focuses on sales, information and playfulness are paramount at winePad. The user is encouraged to move around the application. If he finds an interesting wine, he can be forwarded to the web shop or the website of the winery for purchase.
We receive positive signals that our initiative is also well received in the catering industry. Because the button "Order for home" could also be activated in the restaurant app. This order would not end up in the restaurant but directly with the producer.

Weinverkauf fördern

Evaluate customer interests

We have been recording the behavior of restaurant guests and vinotheque customers for almost two years. Which criteria are searched for, what is found, which wines are of greater interest, etc. These general analysis data are available to every winemaker. In addition, the movements in your own app can be evaluated using a report tool.


Participate in digital events

E.g. at an online wine fair. In the online fair, winegrowers present themselves and their wines in a video presentation, fair visitors have the opportunity to buy tasting packages directly in the app, and well-known personalities from the world of wine invite you to an interactive workshop.

Support winegrower cooperations

Winegrowers mergers, from the small marketing communities to the supraregional consortium, can act together with concentrated power and share all the advantages mentioned above.

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