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Manage Data

Our import / export tool offers a huge range of possibilities to exchange data, to synchronize with or to transfer it to other systems (magazines, marketing communities, web shops, ...). This is not only super fast and versatile, it also saves a lot of work in the long term.

Perfect data preparation

The entire product descriptions are prepared and maintained by the winePad team for optimal presentation. The dealer decides how much he wants to be involved in this process.


Update data

Wine and beverage data are constantly changing. The recurring administration of the data is time-consuming. The winePad team updates the vintages reliably and technically correct on request, which also makes it much easier.



Many of our customers work with digital presentation options such as large screens, touch screens or tablets in and outside of their sales areas. For example, winePad (the digital sommelier) can act as a consultation area where the customer is able to select a wine independently.
But field staff also use the winePad app to put together a wine assortment directly at the customer and to have detailed information such as available fill quantities, prices or the latest vintages, as well as sensory description and winery data, always at hand.
In the app, every product can be linked to any URL. For example, a direct transition to an online shop can be established via a order button. Of course, storage space or article numbers can also be stored.

Evaluate customer interests

We have been recording the behavior of restaurant guests and wine shop customers for almost two years. What criteria are searched for, which wines are of greater interest, etc. These general analysis data are available to every retailer. In addition, the movements in your own app can be evaluated using a report tool.

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Wine lists in your prefered style

Like every winePad customer, our retailers also have access to the convenient winePad print wine menu. This enables the retailer to create a professional and perfectly sorted wine list for each of his customers with just a few clicks. Here we go one step further and adapt the layout (fonts, colors, formats, ...) to the respective wishes of our dealers.

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